Bring a marriage, parenting, grand-parenting, or family conference to your church or city.

Single seminars or one-day conferences to equip pastors, parents, and grandparents to make disciples of the next generation.

  • Learn to apply the gospel to your marriage, parenting, and grandparenting.

  • Build confidence to have key conversations with your family about critical topics from a biblical perspective.

  • Receive resources to help you teach the core truths of the Christian faith.

  • Learn practical ways you can replace culture’s influence with biblical truth.

  • Glean ideas to help your children or grandchildren mature in faith.

  • Interact with a talented lineup of pastors, speakers, and family ministry experts.

  • Learn how to lead family devotions.

  • Connect with other parents and grandparents for encouragement and support.

  • Gain vision to be an intentional parent or grandparent and impact the faith of your family for eternity.

Gospel Shaped Family Conference

A one-day gathering for parents, grandparents, and church leaders to be equipped to shape the next generation with the gospel, give them a biblical view of life, and help them develop a deep, lasting, and culture transforming faith.

What is shaping your family? For many young people, the primary shaping influences are culture, media, education, and peers and often the unbiblical messages imbedded in these influences go undetected for long seasons allowing doubt, confusion, and disbelief to grow. Learn how to shape your family through a Christ-centered marriage, biblical parenting and grandparenting, and a Scripture-saturated home.

The Gospel Shaped Family conference is unlike any other in that it is an event designed around marriage, parenting, and grandparenting, which offers breadth and depth for a church. Individual churches host the conference for their families or partner together to offer Gospel Shaped Family as a city-wide conference in collaboration with area churches to build a robust conference using area pastors as breakout speakers.

Biblical Grandparenting Conference

What is the role of a grandparent? While the world tells you it’s time to retire and relax, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren and leave a lasting heritage for you family that will bless generations to come.

The Biblical Grandparenting conference explains culture’s misleading messages about grandparenting, provides a biblical overview of the role of grandparents, and shares groundbreaking research that will give you a vision to impact the next generation for Christ. In addition, you will be given practical methods to disciple your grandchildren and navigate your place in the family.

Help grandparents discover how with a Biblical Grandparenting conference. Available as a single seminar, full day conference, multi-day conference, or preaching in Sunday services.


Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents. What is the biblical role of a grandparent? Can you summarize this in a sentence or even a word? Every grandparent is given a God-ordained role that is not interchangeable with any other member of the family. Come to this seminar to gain a laser-like focus on what a grandparent’s role is as well as learn the responsibilities grandparents are given by God from the Bible. If you are not a grandparent, this seminar will prove valuable as it will equip you to provide a clear and compelling vision to share with grandparents in your context.

Discipling Grandchildren: 8 Spiritual Practices Every Grandparent Can Do. Do you want to help your grandchildren grow in their walk with the Lord? The eight practices presented in this seminar are a synthesis of Josh’s Ph.D research regarding the best practices that grandparents from across the country utilize to help grandchildren grow in spiritual maturity. You will walk away with practical tools and specific ways that you can invest in the spiritual growth of grandchildren. If you are not a grandparent, this seminar will equip you to understand how your parents can spiritually engage with your children.

Gospel Shaped Grandparenting: 5 Statements that Can Transform Your Family. What difference does the gospel make to grandparenting? For many people, an understanding of the gospel is muddy and it does not translate into everyday living. In this seminar you will learn how to apply the gospel to the every day problems you face as grandparents. The gospel provides relational guidance, answers to difficult family situations, and priorities with grandchildren. If you find yourself wondering how you should navigate a family situation, then this seminar may prove helpful.

Biblical Parenting Seminars

Available as a single seminar or combine multiple seminars for a parenting conference.

Five Marks of a Disciple-Making Family. Many churches rely on a program-heavy, one-hour a week strategy to grow young people into mature followers of Jesus Christ. Yet a high percentage of young people walk away from the church and from Christ. Join Dr. Mulvihill, a 20-year family ministry veteran from one of the Midwest’s largest churches, to gain an understanding of the biblical foundation to reach and disciple young people. Learn about the four primary influencers in the life of young people and how you can design a ministry to leverage each influence.

Why Have Children? Should you have children or get a pet? How many children should you have? When is the right time? If you’ve ever asked yourself similar questions, then this seminar is for you! Join Dr. Mulvihill to identify what American culture says about starting a family and explore what the Bible say about having children. This seminar is guaranteed to generate great discussion and may lead to enjoyable homework.

Parenting with a Biblical Plan. What is the goal of parenting? Can you define that in a sentence? Research discovered that Christian parents often pursue the wrong parenting goals and have no intentional plan to nurture a child’s faith. In his highly popular seminar Dr. Mulvihill will help you capture a biblical vision for parenting and implement the Bible’s plan to disciple your child. You will walk away with a clear parenting picture and practical steps to raise children who treasure Christ. If you want to know where to focus your parenting energy and would benefit from bite-sized ways to help your child grow spiritually, then join me for this seminar.

Family Worship: How to Read the Bible, Pray, and Sing with Your Family. Do you want to help your children develop a deep and lasting faith? Family worship is the primary method that God created to pass faith to future generations. In this highly practical seminar you will gain confidence to nurture your child’s faith, observe an example of family worship, learn about helpful resources, and leave excited to implement what you’ve learned.

Navigating Public Education: How to Help Children Develop Deep Roots and Defend Their Faith. Children spend 16,000 hours in an educational setting between K-12 and the impact on their faith in Christ is significant. Come to this seminar to learn six truth deficits to address with your child and be equipped to teach a biblical framework for thinking and living. Learn about key resources to help you be an intentional public school parent and understand the religious rights available to Christians.

Core Truths: Critical Conversations to Build Lifelong Faith. Join Dr. Mulvihill for a big picture overview of key topics and critical conversations to have with young people so that they build lifelong faith in Christ. These topics will help you engage in conversations you might be hesitant to talk about, replace your child’s doubts with confidence in God, and address the most important subjects to develop a deep and lasting faith.

The Big Story: How to Teach Children the Bible in 5 Words. For many children, the Bible is a big confusing book with a long list of do’s and don’ts. Few children understand that the Bible is one story with Jesus at the center. This seminar will train you to teach children the big picture of the Bible in five words so that they can make sense of all the details of Scripture and enjoy reading God’s word. You will be able to summarize the Bible for children concisely and teach it chronologically.

How to Prepare Your Child for Marriage, Dating, Purity, and Sex: Five Truths Every Child Needs to Learn. Do you want to help your children embrace a biblical view of marriage? This seminar is based on Josh’s book Preparing Children for Marriage. American culture communicates powerful messages about dating and marriage, and young people without strong consistent biblical teaching and godly example are likely to be influenced toward non-biblical lifestyles. In this seminar, you will be equipped to teach your children key biblical truths about marriage.

How to Have “The Talk”: Utilizing Proverbs 5. God, in his wisdom, provided parents with an example of a father talking with his son about sex and we are going to learn from him! This seminar will equip you to use Proverbs 5 to train your child to embrace God’s good plan for sex. Learn how to take a dreaded topic and make it a delightful discussion with your child. You will walk away with a Bible study and discussion questions to guide conversation with children.

Manhood and Womanhood: How to Teach Children God’s Good Design. What is a man and a woman according to the Bible? Scores of young people are being influenced by the misguided thinking of our culture, which fails to acknowledge these basic truths: boys and girls are different and gender is not a choice. In this seminar you will be trained to clearly and concisely explain biblical manhood and womanhood to young people and cast a compelling vision for future manhood and womanhood.

Six Marks of a Vibrant Family Ministry. What are the key components of a healthy and growing family ministry? Join Dr. Mulvihill, a 20-year family ministry veteran from one of the Midwest’s largest churches, to explore how you can strengthen your ministry to broaden your reach, deepen your impact, and insure that you are doing what matters most in ministry. Explore a biblical philosophy of ministry from 2 Timothy 3 and how you can design a ministry that is faithful to Scripture.