Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • How do we know if our children’s and youth ministry programs are effective?

  • How do we equip parents and grandparents to disciple their family?

  • How do we measure growth in children and students?

  • How do we know our children are developing a deep and lasting faith?

  • Are there tools that will help our families and church reach and disciple young people?

Most churches have a difficult time answering these questions because many churches do not have metrics to measure effectiveness, lack an intentional plan, and do not have a spiritual profile for a graduating student. Ministry programming, while sincere in the desire to impact young people, often becomes pragmatic by imitating the large church down the road or designed around what attracts and retains numbers as well as what keeps individuals happy.

The family ministry revitalization process is designed to help churches access and increase 0-18 ministry effectiveness, achieve leadership alignment, and develop a strategic plan to reach young people with the gospel, integrate them in the life of the church, and disciple them to maturity in Christ.

There are many reasons churches contact us for help. A few of those reasons include:

  • A lack of vision and ministry direction.
  • Poor evangelism and discipleship results.
  • Underdeveloped 0-18 theology and ministry philosophy.
  • A lack of family discipleship.
  • Significant growth in children’s, youth, or family ministry.
  • Unsure of strengths, weaknesses, or the next phase of ministry.
  • A change of ministry leadership.

Built on a Biblical Foundation

The family ministry revitalization program is based on a biblical foundation built around the institutions that God created for the evangelism and discipleship of young people with the Bible at the center. The family ministry revitalization will help you develop Bible-based, Christ-centered vibrant ministries around family (parents, grandparents, education) and the church.

We help churches integrate a Bible-based set of core truths into its curriculum, classrooms, volunteer training, and homes.

Our desire is to support you and strengthen your ministry so that young people treasure Christ. You will gain new insights, a clear vision, an intentional plan, and tools to help you build the church, equip families, and disciple young people with a biblical worldview.

If you would like to explore if the family ministry revitalization is a good fit for your church, then the next step is to contact Josh Mulvihill at joshmulvihill@gmail.com.