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Five Ways Grandparents Can Cultivate a Healthy Family Environment- Number 3

The desire to enjoy healthy, positive family relationships resides in all of us. Humility combined with patience, where we consciously bear with one another, are key factors towards achieving that kind of mutually beneficial relationship. It is a great start for rebuilding and repairing broken relationships, and for maintaining those that are already strong. There […]

Five Ways to Cultivate a Healthy Family Environment – #2

Who doesn’t want good relationships with their adult children and grandchildren? Sometimes, however, things get in the way of that happening. Whether you are facing obstacles right now, or you have a strong, healthy relationship with your adult children, these five practices matter for both. So, let’s add to humility the second of five ways […]

Seven Things You Can Teach Your Grandchildren-Part Two

In Part One, we examined the first four of seven character builders you can teach your grandchildren: Good reading habits, family heritage, personal skills, and manners. Here are the final three: 5. Teach virtues like integrity, honesty and hard work. Virtues are not learned by lecturing, but by modeling and making the most of teachable […]

Seven Things You Can Teach Your Grandchildren: Part 1

Grandparents have been around the block a few times. Hopefully, that translates into wisdom and godly character. Grandparents are in a powerful position to influence their grandchildren in meaningful ways that produce good character. A quality character is evidenced by a life of prudence (good judgment and self-discipline), knowledge and virtue. In other words, wisdom […]

Does Worldview Matter to You?

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation…” 2 Corinthians 5:17 I have an 18-year old grandson with Asperger Syndrome. He’s a brilliant young man. He’s also fun to be around, and so gracious and teachable. He does an amazing job of making friends despite his social awkwardness and diminutive physical size. […]