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The Importance of Teaching the Whole Bible During the Early Years

A ministry leader made the following recommendation about delaying the teaching of topics such of morality, humanity, creation, government, family, and economics, “I would suggest a starting age of at least 11 since [the author] presents ideas for which younger children probably lack enough familiarity to reason through what he is saying.” Learn why this is an unwise and unbiblical approach to take with children and gain a vision to teach children from their earliest days the whole Bible.

Understanding Biblical Authority: 3 Categories of Illegitimate Authority

Authority is not a popular concept. We like to have authority, but not to be under authority. The Bible is our authority when we acknowledge it is true, embrace it, submit to it, and walk in obedience to God’s Word. Sometimes, often unintentionally, Christians look to others sources of authority such as science, experience, or man’s word and would benefit from learning how to give the Bible functional authority in their life.