What is Vaping?

Learn what vaping is, why it matters, and some basic information about its presence in schools.

Family Talk: News and Resources for Family Discipleship.

News and Resources for Family Discipleship: A Theology of the Home | Theological confusion about God | Rejecting God's design for gender

Parents Matter Most

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Parenthood…

Family Talk: News and Resources for Family Discipleship

News and resources for family discipleship. Barna study on primary spiritual influences | Massachusetts schools teaching LGBTQ | Public schools a mechanism to teach transgenderism | The Bible's picture of old age | The Gospel Shaped Family Conference.

A Popular Half Truth: More is Caught Than Taught

A common phrase used to communicate how to pass on faith to future generations is this, “Faith is caught not taught.” It sounds spiritual. Unfortunately, it’s unbiblical. The Bible elevates both as important.
man with tear

Are You Known for Tirades or Tears

Do you remember the first time you heard the news that you would…

Training Children in the Lord: An Exhortation and Encouragement

Philip Doddridge, an 18th Century Puritan pastor, preached a series of sermons on the religious education of children. His purpose was to encourage and exhort parents to take seriously their responsibility to train up their children in the Lord.

Why Have Children? Three Compelling Reasons to Discuss With Your Child

Are you ready to have a fun discussion with your children? Ask them if they plan to have children and how many they would like to have. This article will help you provide a compelling biblical vision to combat the cultural arguments against having children.

In Jesus Name, Amen: The Most Powerful Words You Can Say

Blessed is the child or grandchild that has a praying parent and grandparent. What families need today are not new and novel methods, but people who are mighty in prayer. If you are not praying daily, then may these voices from the past encourage you to make prayer a priority.

Teaching Children to Read the Bible

One of the priorities every parent should have early in the life of their child is to see their child treasure the Bible and read it daily. Here are three books to help you teach a child to read the Bible.

Gospel-Centered, Bible-Based Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Finding curriculum for sunday school is a huge challenge. Here's a listing that identifies a few core curriculum elements every church should have.

Parents As Rock Stars Or Radically New?

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? When I was 15 years old that’s exactly what I wanted to be.

It Runs In The Family … Or Does It?

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking…

How Many "Ifs" In Your Wedding Vows?

“To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for…

Abby, Would You Talk To My Kid For Me?!

My name is Abby and I’ve been speaking to young people on Biblical…

The Best Part of Being a Grandparent

So, what do you think is the best part of being a grandparent?…

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