What is a Ministry Partner?

Ministry Partners are like-minded individuals and organizations committed to family discipleship with whom Gospel Shaped Family desires to align for ministry purposes. Each Ministry Partner provides unique resources related to family discipleship we want you to know about and from which you can benefit as a parent, grandparent, pastor, ministry leader or educator.

Everyone has a story to tell, let us help you tell yours,

Your Faith. Your Story. Your Hope.

My Hope To You will help you create your faith story, so you can share it with those you love.  We’ll provide you with a journal and guide to help you write your story (or have one of our writers compose your story). Then you upload your photos and story into our interactive site. Lastly, you choose from the online database of reasons why Christianity is true (or write your own) to complete a full-color 52-page printed book. If desired,  each faith book can be unique to the recipient.



The Christian Grandparenting Network takes seriously the role of grandparents to make much of Christ and His Gospel to the next generations. We are committed to helping individuals and churches cultivate biblical intentionality through inter-generational family discipleship. We use conference, seminars, blogs, print and media resources, prayer groups, and GrandCamps to engage and equip grandparents toward that objective. We are proud to partner with the Gospel Shaped Family network as front-line warriors in the spiritual battle for the hearts, minds and souls of our children and grandchildren.



  • Our PURPOSE is to transform hearts and homes through Jesus Christ.
  • Our PASSION is to serve Jesus Christ by equipping people for great marriages and families from generation to generation.
  • Our VISION is to see every married couple, parent and grandparent living in authentic, healthy relationships as a means of transforming hearts and homes.
  • Our MISSION is to provide opportunities and tools that couples, parents and grandparents and those who minister to them can use in building great marriages and families from generation to generation.


Awakening a “retired” generation to reach a wandering generation
So together we raise the youngest generations to love the Lord

In our spiritually corrosive culture, God is calling all grandparents to be life changers in the lives of their children and grandchildren.  Pass the Legacy Ministry senses an urgency to encourage, inform and equip individuals, churches and communities in multi-generational faithfulness.  We use workshops, conferences, written resources and social media to enable these grandparents to pass a legacy of faith in Jesus Christ to future generations.


4Gens exists to equip and encourage families to pass on a Christ-centered inheritance.

To accomplish this, 4Gens focuses on the spiritual development of the parent, who in turn meets with their child or children, ages 7 to 12. The 4Gens process introduces the parent to a training tool called Essentials for Spiritual Growth Youth (ESGY) to use in meeting with their child. ESGY reinforces the foundation of faith in Christ, as well as builds the framework of faith on that foundation (1 Corinthians 3:10-14). The goal is for the parent to engage with their 7 to 12-year-old child, helping them discover faith in Christ for themselves and mature in their faith.

4Gens also works with Christian Homeschoolers to provide discipleship tools for their children. We also provide resources for Homeschoolers including a weekly Parent Primer, Black & Blue Prayer Journals, ESGY and Spiritual Coaching services.